Memoir Coaching
with Paula Keogh PhD

Your life: your story

There is one story that is yours alone to tell. And it’s there, waiting for you to begin. It may have been simmering inside you for months, even years. Now you want to take a leap of faith and put words on the page. Even more than that, you want to write a compelling, moving and page-turning story.

Your memoir might be about your walk across New Zealand. It might be inspired by a playlist of tunes from the eighties. It might reveal what it was like living in a small town in the era of Sex and the City.

Whatever your story, the leap into memoir writing will be self-affirming, possibly life-changing, and often exhilarating. You will see patterns as your life unfolds on the page and you’ll understand yourself in new ways.

The First Step

You may not know exactly how you’re going to do it, or even why. But you do know it’s time to take the first step. So, decide if you want to write

  • a memoir with a view to publication
  • a memoir for your family
  • a series of essays of life-writing on a variety of topics
  • a weekly blog

The next step is to make space in your life and start writing. As you begin, remember that help is available. And that’s where I come in.

Discovering Your Inner Writer

As a memoir coach, I mentor you to break through to courage, word by word, memory by memory. The pattern of your life will reveal itself to you and you’ll be amazed. As we work together, you will clarify your goals. You will explore ideas on themes, narrative structure, characters, story arc, voice, dialogue and pace.

We will also work with your memories. You can help activate them by

  • re-reading personal journals, diaries, poems, letters, emails
  • having conversations with family and friends
  • listening to the music from your past
  • re-reading the books that inspired you
  • researching the background of places and relevant events.

My goal is to inspire people to discover their inner writer and let them fly. When that happens, you know you’re on track. You’ve found your voice.

“The task is to harness language to your purpose,
play with words, and critique what comes.”

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