See what former clients have said about working with me.

Memoir Mentoring

Mayra Walsh


What a pleasure it has been to have Paula support me with my writing! Her thought-provoking questions, attention to detail and genuine interest in my work was exactly what I needed. I felt encouraged and had more clarity after every session with her. My writing improved and so did my confidence.

Joy Dahl


Engaging Paula to assist with my memoir gave me courage to start writing in earnest. Drawing on her masterful skills as a writer and teacher, she facilitated the experience of diving into my past (with all its dark and light places), and guided me as I developed my skills. Not only did she support and enhance my writing, her mentoring enriched my relationship with myself as a writer.

mk nelson

Writer and Chaplain

“Paula has polished the wisdom of witness. She met me precisely where I was at each turn, holding my book, and me as a writer, with both gentleness and strength. She is at once playful and profound in her feedback and inquiry, allowing for multiple voices to emerge in their own way and time. Above all, Paula was deeply gracious in our work together. And who among us doesn’t need all the grace we can get?”

Rosa Pellicer

“Working with Paula was an absolute gift. I found her at a time where I didn’t have the courage to keep going, where I felt absolutely lost. Through her guidance, I was able to develop the characters in my memoir, identify the most important themes in each chapter, and develop my narrator’s voice. She also encouraged me to dive deeper, to look at the psychological and spiritual elements of the story. She invited me to write about what was truly going on for me at the time, in my mind and in my heart. Without her, I wouldn’t have had the ability to go to such depths. Thank you Paula.”

Manuscript Assessment / Editing

Megan Wynne-Jones

“Paula’s generous support, inspirational advice and heart-felt encouragement have been invaluable. She read my manuscript with care and attention, and the assessment she provided was detailed and sensitively written. Paula has a deep understanding of the process of memoir writing with all its emotional challenges together with an expert awareness of technical issues. The re-structure she suggested was exactly what was needed to bring my memoir to completion. I’m so grateful that I found her and would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone needing support with their writing.”

Priscilla Harvey

“Paula is kind and clear eyed. Her editing has undoubtedly improved my manuscript, but, just as importantly, her suggestions have helped me become a better writer. I poured my heart and soul into my work, and I wanted an editor who would do the same. I found that editor in Paula. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any writer who wants to hone their craft and improve their manuscript.

From the outset the editing process with Paula Keogh was seamless and effective. We worked together in developing a plan for the editing process including timelines.

The process was two staged.  The first was a structural edit which involved Paula reviewing the general structure and flow of my book. Her feedback, which was both written and verbal, made suggestions about the order of my chapters and the placement and form of various paragraphs.

Her suggestions resulted in some fairly significant changes which I believe resulted in substantial improvements to my book.

The second phase of the edit involved Paula’s attention to wording, phrasing, and content.

I am happy to recommend Paula as a professional editor with an in depth understanding of the process of editing and for her ability to work with a first-time writer.

Alan Hale